First Words: Rebecca Hamilton’s FOREVER GIRL

The Forever Girl (Forever Girl, #1)

You open the cover with eager anticipation.  Your fingers impatiently flipping through the pages while your eyes hungrily scan for that tell-tale page — Chapter 1.

Yes.  There it is!

Your fingers relax.  They’ve found their home.  But your eyes take on a fevered gleam as they find and pounce on those first precious words that will launch you into a new world of untold adventure.   Your breath catches and the world fades away as you begin to read …

An ever-present static had moved into my head like a squatter I couldn’t evict, and I thought getting rid of it would be my best shot at survival.  Like all I needed was silence, even if only within myself, to feel at home.

I was wrong.”

~~ Opening paragraphs,  THE FOREVER GIRL by Rebecca Hamilton

Are you hooked?


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