Review: Bad Luck Cadet & Bad Luck Officer

…Law Enforcement Adventure With Humor, Compassion and True Grit

If you love cop shows and cop novels and think the various CSI television series are how law enforcement actually works, then let me introduce you to author and heroine Suzie Ivy who will set the record straight and tells it like it really is.  And now in print (previously only available as e-books) is her double trouble offering of BAD LUCK CADET & BAD LUCK OFFICER  that is guaranteed to shock, awe and inspire you.

~ In BAD LUCK CADET (original posted at her Bad Luck Detective blog), Suzie Ivy shows us her amazing story telling gift as she gets the reader to laugh, cry, sweat, swear and cringe right along with her own overwhelming mental and physical experiences as she pursues, at the ripe old age of 44, her long forgotten dream of becoming a police officer.

The police academy is a grueling, testosterone filled, eighteen and a half week boot camp where boys become men and where a middle-aged, overweight mother of three must uncover her own well-spring of true grit in order to make it past the grueling daily hill runs, the push ups for minor infractions, the intensity of learning to make life and death decisions and the loneliness of being the odd woman out — just so she can claim the law enforcement profession as her own.

But Suzie Ivy isn’t looking for sainthood as she chronicles her heroic perseverance with gritty humor and amazing candor, just survival and a badge!

~ In BAD LUCK OFFICER, Suzie Ivy has achieved the honor and the badge of being a police officer for her community in Smalltown, Arizona, but the training and bad luck continues as she hits the streets as Small Town’s first female police Officer.

From the craziness of wrangling an intact bull beefalo, to the danger in mundane traffic violations, and the heartbreak of domestic and child abuse cases, Officer Ivy learns how to conduct herself professionally and safely while getting confessions and handling investigations with the help of some surprising mentors in her all male police department.

But all is not wine and roses (or Glocks and pink handcuffs). There are changing schedules, too little sleep, lab results that take months, sexual harassment, professional tragedies and personal foes to handle along with an increasing addiction to the adrenaline highs of working in the danger zone.

Both BAD LUCK CADET and BAD LUCK OFFICER are riveting reads that will give you a deep appreciation for the rigors of the police academy and the discipline required to be a law enforcement professional. But it is Ms. Ivy’s trademark ability to bare and share it all with humor, compassion and true grit that has her legions of her fans clamoring for book three!

WTG Ms. Ivy!

One thought on “Review: Bad Luck Cadet & Bad Luck Officer

  1. I’m reading Bad Luck Cadet on my Nook right this very second! Well…not THIS second,because I’m typing here…but I will be back to reading it in a minute. Love it! Hard to put down. Go Suzie!!!

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