Review: Red by Kate Kinsey

With all the hoopla over 50 Shades of Gray, the dark world of BDSM has come into the light. “Red” is NOT a romance. If anything I would call it an erotic thriller. I think James Patterson meets Harold Robbins’ book “The Insiders” would be the best example; dark, kinky, and suspenseful.

I read few police procedural novels because of my day job as a cop. My screaming and yelling when author’s get it wrong truly scares my dogs. So many authors invariably do get it wrong but not Kate Kinsey. I was amazed at how much she got right and also her insight into the inner workings of police detectives.

The gruesome murders begin and Detectives Griggs and Hanson pull the unlucky straw to solve them. Fighting police politics (one of Ms. Kinsey’s dead on analogies) puts pressure on the two men to get the case solved quickly. Hanson’s ex-partner, Gina, was fired from her cop job because of her kinky sexual lifestyle but she’s got the inside look into the world of BDSM.

I will admit Gina was my favorite character. She’s amazing but I love Hanson too and I’ve seen him in so many real life police officers. He’s strong, steady, and far from perfect. Griggs is just Griggs but you can’t help but love to dislike him.

“Cop’s, he thought were just different from most people. Cops were the good guys, the criminals were the bad guys, and everybody else was just a civilian.” This is one of the many lines I loved from this story.

Is this book for everyone? NO. It has hardcore violence, sex, and adult situations. I guess I was in the mood because I loved it!

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