Do You Miss The Leather?

As a traveler and compulsive reader it’s hard not to appreciate the convenience of having an e-book.

On the other hand … you can’t watch the video below showing the construction of a book — PICTORIAL WEBSTER’S: A VISUAL DICTIONARY OF CURIOSITIES  from print through binding, without gaining a deep appreciation for the books of yore.
Full Leather with Emboss-1

Back in the time when books had real leather covers and durable paper.  And when the skill of writer, artist, and craftsmen came together to make each book a beloved possession and cherished investment for generations to come.

It also makes you understand why in those days the extensiveness of one’s personal library was considered a measure of one’s wealth and public libraries became a necessity for the rest of us …

Do I miss the look, feel and smell of real leather bound books?  Yes.  The paperback versions?  Not so much.


Webster Title PageThe book being made:
Pictorial Webster’s:
A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities
The book maker:
John Carrera
The book price:
$3500 *
*Commercial hardback version available for under $25.   No e-book yet.



Read more about the book and the process at Quercus Press

[vimeo w=500&h=338]

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