Coffee is Brewing…

Reading and Writing Cafe was created by a group of avid readers and writers so we could talk about our favorite subjects — great books, interesting authors, and favorite writing tidbits.  And, as you can see from our logo, books are our caffeine.  They are what keeps us going.

So, please, make yourself comfortable with your favorite beverage and a smile.  (Cake and cookies optional.)

And let’s talk books!

4 thoughts on “Coffee is Brewing…

  1. I followed your link from Facebook and…YAY! I don’t know whether it has been my choice in books or a trend in writing, but much of what I’ve picked up lately has been a little disappointing. I’ve been reading books that almost seem to have been written to become movies. DIS-like. I’d love to tap into some Indie books, I think, and discover something that leaves the ‘formula’ behind!

    • Hi Melissa, I want everyone who reads this to know you are a great writer yourself. I love your blog posts on BlogHer! My favorite authors were not coming out fast enough and I was desperate for something good to read. I feel as if an entire new world has opened for me. You need to email me and we can discuss some great indie books I’m finding suzieivy @ yahoo .com (all one word)

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