If Introductions Are Necessary…

Meet our Review & Writing Staff

Linda Anselmi:

Reader, writer, wordie… I love the adventure of discovering new gems and the fun of sharing old favorites.  So lets talk books, writing and words!  I read across most genres – both fiction and nonfiction.  I will do some review request depending on time and interest.  Email:  lindaanselmi @ gmail dot com

Suzie Ivy: 

Wife, mother of three, grandmother of nine, police detective, writer, and reader. The order of this list is optional depending on the day.  I like sharing writing tips I find on Twitter and Facebook. I read paranormal and urban fantasy with strong female characters. I do not accept requests for reviews though I will occasionally review a great book.  Email:  suzieivy @ gmail dot com

L. Bartles:

Email: therandwcafe @ gmail dot com

Rabble Rouser Reverend Amy:

A retired UU minister, who has the good fortune of living in the Lowcountry of SC on a beautiful tidal creek and marsh. I am passionate about the environment, and politics, as well as being a big animal lover (4 cats, 1 dog, 1 horse). I have a wonderful partner of 16 years, great friends, and family, chosen and blood. In short, I am blessed.  I’m  open to review requests. Email: RRRevAmy @ aol dot com

J Lesley:

I am a top 500 Amazon reviewer. If you would like to query me to review your book, please contact via email. Be sure your query is edited and professional with genre, release(d) date, and a short synopsis. Do not send your book unless requested.  Email:  readerlady @ gmail dot com

Edee Lemonier:

I’m a word nerd and a book junkie, and I’m not ashamed to say it. I lose myself reading great books, and rediscover myself when I write. I love open-ended stories that make me wonder about a character’s future and its possibilities. I’m the weirdo who doesn’t mind books that don’t turn out the way the reader would like, because a happy ending isn’t always the point of the journey. I love memoirs and madness and snapshots (fiction or non-fiction) of worlds entirely different from my own. I don’t usually accept requests to review, but if you think there’s a book I’d love, let me know!  Email: Edee.Lemonier @ gmail dot com.

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